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View projects around the world where our aquaponic systems have been built and used in a variety of ways.

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Belize Trip – September 2013

What a wonderful trip we had to Belize in September! Last year we set up two Aquaponics units near the rain forest. This year we were able to set up the solar system to run the Aquaponics systems and everything was working great before we left! This was our first solar system we set up in another country. While Dicky was setting up the solar system, I was able to get in some training on the Aquaponics system. We were able to get the solar up and going and running the pumps in the Aquaponic...

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New Generator For Haiti Orphanage

In September 2012 we were able to supply a new generator for the orphanage in Haiti that houses earthquake survivors. It helps an office to operate that meets the needs of 1,500 children a day and provides water for thousands daily. Also the generator protects a room full of medicines that are critical for water born diseases, pain, and discomfort for those who are still living in tents....

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Haiti Sustainability Project

SEA CONTAINER ARRIVES IN HAITI!   Volunteer, Dennis Buckingham and board member, Bill Elmer, preparing our first farm equipment to be loaded on a 40-foot container to be delivered to the coast and shipped to Haiti this past January.   These 10 totes will provide 5 aquaponic units for the orphanage we are working with.     In December, the director from Haiti visited our headquarters to learn how our systems work, in raising crops and making fertilizer.  It is our...

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Belize Rain Forest

(April 2012) Just returned from my trip to Belize. We had a great trip and we were able to put up two aquaponics units 33 miles back in the rainforest. Some people call it the end of the world. We set up shop in Punta Gorda. This is a small city of just over 5,000. The people are very humble and kind. Larry and his wife, Karol, let us set up shop in the back of their hotel, the Sea Front Inn. We sent native helpers to get all the parts that were needed and cut out the IBC totes. It was not easy ...

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Haiti Water Project

SEPTEMBER 2013 UPDATE - ANOTHER HAITI WATER FILTRATION PROJECT Aquaponics and Earth completes it's third Water Project for the earthquake survivors in Haiti this year! This orphanage was stared just after the earthquake and children who had been wandering in the streets and hiding from danger (human traffickers) found safety in this house. AESL has also provided bathrooms, a generator, food and water. FEBRUARY 2013 UPDATE - HAITI WATER FILTRATION PROJECT  We are very thankful that our...

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Haiti Orphans

Port-au-Prince is the poorest area on the entire Haitian island and is home to an orphanage called The Good Samaritan Orphanage. This orphanage was formed out of pure love and was started just after the great earthquake of January, 2010. The founder is a native leader named Vince. Coming home one evening, totally exhausted, after a long, hard day of helping with disaster victims, he was suddenly met by a young boy at his front gate. The boy proceeded to ask Vince for water and a small piece of b...

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Mexico – Casa Hogar – Orphanage And Children’s Home

Project Name: Mexican Orphans/Children’s Home; Casa Hogar – “Workshop for Sustainability” Project Location: Nuevo Laredo is one of the most depressed and violent cites in all of Mexico. In the midst of such darkness shines a bright light, Casa Hogar Children’s Home. Casa Hogar houses over 100 children including orphans. Many of these children have experienced great turbulence and abuse from living a period of their lives on the streets. They witnessed their parents’ deaths caug...

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Our Happy Clients Say

We next toured a tilapia farm and horticulture operation designed to feed a small community in poverty stricken areas of the world. The farm is in DeSoto, Texas called Aquaponics and Earth Sustainable Living. This is being developed by John Musser for this humanitarian organization and I am the beekeeper for the venture.

Trinity Valley Beekeepers Association Of Dallas Texas

I have observed John Musser’s Aqua Farm System with great interest. It holds great potential for hurting people around the world. I am eager to share it with our overseas partners to help them in economic development strategies.

Humanitarian Interest

Mr. Musser is assisting me as I develop communities in areas of urban poverty in the U.S. We plan to implement his method in some of our communities. I am deeply grateful for the spirit, vision, and compassion of my colleague John Musser. He is so very deserving of financial support from the rest of us as he carries out his powerful mission.

Southern Methodist University

I serve as Texas SARE Model State Program Assistant. I like the module for Sustainable Food production John Musser has developed. The nitrate enriched fish water provides an excellent nutrient source for the raised bed vegetable production or hydroponic lettuce. A complete meal of protein and nutrient enriched vegetables can be produced through the module. Additional testing should reveal the variety of applications for the module and the uniqueness of this design.

Texas A&M University

I love that working at AESL allows me to make a real difference in the world, reaching many cultures and nations through the most practical means of help.