Our Purpose

Our Purpose

The purpose of Aquaponics and Earth is to establish water (aquaculture) and earth (intensive grow) food growing systems and learning centers at orphanages and in poor communities around the world. By doing so, we are coming against the mentality of poverty by giving experience, vision, and hope instead of more welfare programs. We are giving these orphaned children the dignity of making a better life and better world for themselves by teaching them cutting-edge farming techniques and job skills.

Our World Headquarters

We also serve to assist in local community garden programs for the needy right here in Texas.

Our world headquarters training base provides a eco-tourism site for all those who want to come, learn, and dream. We will assist individuals and institutions in their quest to help our planet by training them how to use less land and water for growing gardens and the discipline of recycling wastes from the office, kitchen, and lawn; we also assist families in turning portions of their backyards into sustainable living areas.

We further desire to cooperate with local extension offices, colleges, and universities. AESL desires to share our experiences with the learning centers of the world as well as showing our children and grandchildren how to help our polluted and toxic planet heal.


Our Happy Clients Say

We next toured a tilapia farm and horticulture operation designed to feed a small community in poverty stricken areas of the world. The farm is in DeSoto, Texas called Aquaponics and Earth Sustainable Living. This is being developed by John Musser for this humanitarian organization and I am the beekeeper for the venture.

Trinity Valley Beekeepers Association Of Dallas Texas

I have observed John Musser’s Aqua Farm System with great interest. It holds great potential for hurting people around the world. I am eager to share it with our overseas partners to help them in economic development strategies.

Humanitarian Interest

Mr. Musser is assisting me as I develop communities in areas of urban poverty in the U.S. We plan to implement his method in some of our communities. I am deeply grateful for the spirit, vision, and compassion of my colleague John Musser. He is so very deserving of financial support from the rest of us as he carries out his powerful mission.

Southern Methodist University

I serve as Texas SARE Model State Program Assistant. I like the module for Sustainable Food production John Musser has developed. The nitrate enriched fish water provides an excellent nutrient source for the raised bed vegetable production or hydroponic lettuce. A complete meal of protein and nutrient enriched vegetables can be produced through the module. Additional testing should reveal the variety of applications for the module and the uniqueness of this design.

Texas A&M University

I love that working at AESL allows me to make a real difference in the world, reaching many cultures and nations through the most practical means of help.